AONA New South Wales

AONA NSW main objective is to deliver professional development for Ophthalmic Nurses, it achieves this by organising clinical sessions, teleconferences and conferences for its members. Financial support through the use of educational grants is promoted to members, to ensure they are able to access educational opportunities.

The committee currently has 11 voluntary members, who freely give their time to support and promote the objectives of this organisation. Members are represented on the following working parties; NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Ophthalmology Network, ACHS Clinical Indicator Committee and CoNNO a national organisation of speciality nurses.

AONA NSW has strong links nationally with Ophthalmic Nursing Organisations in other states (Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia) and jointly commenced the “AONA Vision” national newsletter in 2008 incorporating information about clinical days, conferences and educational articles from all states.